Overdue rego?

Don't get caught and fined

Check. Set. Forget.

Confirm Your Car Rego is Valid

This is a vehicle registration alert service. We send you alerts and reminders to ensure that you’re never driving an unregistered vehicle.

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65,000 people in NSW were caught driving an unregistered vehicle in 2018. It can happen to anyone!

  • Minimum On the Spot fine of over $1,200 for driving an unregistered vehicle whether you own it or not
  • Driving an unregistered vehicle invalidates any insurance and you are personally liable for any injury or accidents
  • Most NRMA members state that they were not notified by post about their rego renewal
  • Driving a company vehicle how can you be sure that it’s registration is current
  • If you are caught driving an unregistered vehicle and go to court finds can exceed $7,200

What our users say

“Since the new digital rego system came in I have never received a reminder in the mail. I checked here and found out I have been driving around unregistered for the last 18 months!”


“I have a had a company car for ages, I recently got pulled over and found out the car registration was overdue I got a massive fine which luckily my company paid. Now all the company cars are setup with reminders so this won’t happen again.”


“My husband and I have both our cars registered for reminders as we nearly forget to renew our rego every year.”


“I accidently ran up the back of someone's car at traffic lights. My insurance company won’t pay as my rego has expired, it’s costing me over 10 grand, I never got a reminder from the RTA or Services Sydney.”